Love Island

The official ranking of the Islanders' culinary creations

They don't just sit around the pool sunning themselves all day - oh no, occasionally our Islanders put their cooking skills to good use by whipping up something tasty in the kitchen.

However, we can't say that all of their edible endeavours have been a success, as you're about to find out...

Take a scroll through our official ranking of their best and worst dishes, that'll either make you hungry or put your right off your dinner.


Jordan's omelette

What's better than an omelette? A birthday omelette with your name written out in hot sauce, that's what! Top marks to Jordan for his condiment creativity on Anna's big day.

Maura's late night toastie

Sometimes it's the simple things in life. That soft, golden brown bread cut in the standard triangular formation looks like the most glorious post-night out dish.

Ovie's scrambled egg on toast

It may look like a simple scrambled egg and toast combo, but imagine being brave enough to eat it without a plate. Plot twist: the toast IS the plate. Mind blown.


Seafood linguine

We caught a quick glimpse of the boys' pasta dish and though we're not seeing a lot of seafood, we are a big fan of anything that involves linguine.

Anton and Belle's handmade goat's cheese

We've got to give this couple an A for effort, milking the goats themselves and mixing the cheese by hand. But Belle's lack of love for a farmyard animals takes it down a notch from the top tier, soz.


Tea... in a glass

Yep, you read that right. One of our Islanders decided to make a brew in a glass and we can't deal with all the levels of wrong.

Tommy's cheese and ketchup sandwich

He could've at least had the decency to melt the cheese first.

Peppers filled with cheese sauce and garlic bread

Something tells us this should be nice, but it's honestly a visual hot mess.

Love Island