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The villa breakups that have broken us so far

Reach for the tissues people, because things are about to get totes emosh!

We've witnessed our Islanders in every possible relationship scenario this summer, from love triangles to squares, L-bombs to big break-ups and everything in between. But watching couples part ways has made for some of the toughest viewing - the blame for which we can quite confidently place at Casa Amor's door.

So hold onto your hearts as we look back at some of the biggest, most heart-wrenching splits so far.

1. The end of Jucie

Our first sad separation shook the villa way back in week three, when Joe was dumped from the Island. The professional sandwich maker had made surfer chick Lucie his half-girlfriend just a week earlier, taking their relationship to the next level since coupling up on day one.

As expected, there were streams of tears from both parties when Joe packed his bags, declaring he would wait for Lucie on the outside. Our. hearts.

2. Danny sends Yewande packing

Where we even being with Danny/Yewande/Arabella-gate?

The handsome model had been laying it on scientist Yewande pretty thick, urging her to open up and let him into her life - not forgetting THAT epic recoupling speech that hit us all in the feels.

Despite her reservations, Yewande decided to take the plunge with Danny, but timing was not on her side. When bombshell Arabella arrived at the villa his head was turned almost instantly, prompting him to couple up with her, leaving poor Yewande stood at the firepit alone.

His decision meant Yewande had to pack her bags and head home, but not before she left him with the now iconic line: "What goes around comes around, have a nice life."

3. Casa Amor breaks Curmy

Probably one of the most dramatic U-turns in Love Island history came from Curtis, who'd been enjoying getting close with Amy from week one. After a few days apart at Casa Amor, Amy was ready to return and drop the L-bomb on him, not knowing Curtis' head had been turned by Jourdan in her absence. Ouch.

Although he decided to stick with Amy in the recoupling, they split soon after as Curtis couldn't guarantee he'd able to stay loyal. In fact, their breakup was so intense, Amy eventually made the decision to leave the villa to help her heal.

4. Michael dumps Amber for Joanna

Casa Amor caused many casualties this series, one of which was the seemingly indestructible Mamber.

We'll never forget Amber strolling back into the villa ready to couple up with Michael again, only to find him standing there with new girl Joanna. Although she was strong in the face of betrayal, the effect of their split was felt all the way up to Michael's departure in week eight, with enough tears along the way to fill the villa's pool.

5. Jordan's left solo after Casa Amor

Pre-Casa Amor, Jordanna seemed to be going strong, but everything changed when Anna returned to the villa hand-in-hand with Ovie.

She felt there was "more potential" in her new relationship, leaving our Jordan standing alone and heartbroken. However, it didn't stop him from trying to rebuild things with Anna, eventually winning her back and making her his official girlfriend. We love a happy ending!

6. Anton cries over losing his mates

OK, we may not be talking romantic break-ups here, but watching Anton see his mates go home is just as emotional!

He's sobbed his eyes out at the prospect of losing close friends in several recouplings, proving his feelings for his pals are as strong as his feelings for Belle.

Where can we get a mate who misses us this much every time we leave the house?

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