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Your final four couples!

It’s been a whirlwind summer of plot twists, factor 50 and L-O-V-E, and now we’re at the Love Island FINAL!

One of these final four couples is about to be crowned your Love Island Series 10 winners - let’s take a look at the moves that got them this far.

Ella and Tyrique

Ella and Tyrique were coupled up on day one by you. They were shocked to realise they’d met before on a night out, and you can call yourselves cupid as this gorgeous pair caught feels fast!

A few twists (or should that be twirls?) plus a shock Casa Amor recoupling saw them face their share of serious tests on the road to love.

But there was no denying that connection, and Ella and Tyrique are in deep - not only are they now 10/10 in love, Ella has become Tyrique’s first ever girlfriend!

Are these day ones your winning pair?

Jess and Sammy

OG girl Jess was left single after George became the first dumped Islander, and cheeky Bombshell Sammy quickly arrived to answer her prayers!The pair instantly sparked, but were torn apart by the compatibility vote - leaving Sammy cracking on with Bombshell Mal and Jess in a friendship couple with Mitch.

Casa Amor did the most, but the feels were undeniable for this beautiful pair, and an ultimatum from Jess gave Sammy the clarity he needed to go get his girl - before Jess was stolen by Bombshell Josh!

But they found their way back to each other again, and romance came through when Sammy asked her to be his girlfriend just in time to meet the family!

This couple are now living out a real-life fairytale, but will they leave the Villa as your winners?

Molly and Zachariah

Molly entered on day one, with Zachariah making a big impression soon after as the first Bombshell of the series.

Zachariah made a statement by kissing Molly in a Challenge within days, and the stunning pair coupled up soon after.

It was smooth sailing until Bombshell Kady stole Zach in a shock move that left Molly dumped, in one of the most unforgettable moments of the series!But Molly bounced back, returning as a Casa Amor Bombshell and reclaiming her man (after some grafting from Zach).

The pair exchanged I love yous on their epic date, and are busy making big plans for life outside the Villa!

Are they your Series King and Queen?

Whitney and Lochan

Whitney came in as a Bombshell on day 3, and straightaway her vibe shone in the Villa.

She was coupled up with Mehdi until he was dumped just before Casa Amor, when our favourite series shake-up delivered her perfect match in the form of lovely Lochan!

There was no drama to be found as the self-confessed ‘good guy’ caught Whitney’s eye - and heart!

The stunning pair have been inseparable ever since, becoming exclusive soon after they got the seal of approval from friends and family.

Will they be your Series 10 number 1s?

One couple will be crowned your winners in the Love Island FINAL, tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX!

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Love Island