Belle Hassan

Belle and Anton take off for a helicopter date

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It's up, up and away as Belle and Anton take a trip in a helicopter for their final date...

Anton and Belle put their issues to bed

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After their fiery argument in The Island Club, Anton and Belle finally hash things out. They seem to be getting back on track as all of the drama is put to bed.

The Island Club erupts as Belle and Anton hit boiling point

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After Anton and Belle's challenge drama, they finally have a chat. Tension fills The Island Club as they argue the night away...

FIRST LOOK: Anton's feeling threatened

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The girls encourage Amber to graft new boy Chris, but she's still hung up on Michael. First dates are on the cards, and Anton's left behind when Chris chooses Belle... will any heads turn?

Find out tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

All About Belle

21-year-old bombshell Belle is looking to liven up the villa, but will she find love while she’s at it? Get the lowdown on this stunning single lady.

- Belle is a self-certified triple F - “fun, funny and flirty”.

- The 21-year-old doesn’t have a physical type, but looks for “honesty and someone who is funny, genuine and can look after me.” We’re sure she won’t be short of offers of a morning cup of coffee…

- This blonde babe rates herself a “solid 8 or 9” of out 10, and says her “eyes and boobs get the most compliments”. There’s no time to be shy in the Love Island villa, so we can’t knock the confidence!

- Belle’s been cheated on before, so unsurprisingly it’s her biggest turn off. But she admits, “It is a different environment in the villa and so you could act a bit out of character,” before adding: “I can’t see myself cheating if I really like someone.”

- Does she worry about treading on toes? “I do and I don’t. “If there is a connection there, then I will go for it. You have to do what you’ve got to do.”

Mind your feet ladies, Belle’s strapping on her heels on as we speak…