Dan Rose

All about Dan

With good looks on tap, bathroom salesman Dan is here to make a splash in the villa and hopes his gift of the gab will bag him a girl. Here's all about Dan...

- 21-year-old Dan is a self-proclaimed cheeky chap and rates himself a 10 in the looks department. "I’m confident, possibly too confident at times… so that could be a good or a bad thing" he added "I think I’m good looking, I get told I am anyway." We'll let the girls be the judge of that Dan!

- He loves a talkative girl. "My perfect girl is someone I can have a laugh with, someone who is easy going and someone I have a good connection with". He's put off by girls who are a push over, or too loud. "I like confidence, but not in a way that the attention always has to be on them"

- He's hedging his bets when it comes to the Islanders, and he's got his eye on Amber, Lucie and Maura in the villa but he says he'll speak to all the girls. Form a queue ladies!

- Once he's made his choice though, he's sticking to it...maybe. "If I like someone, I won’t wander. But if I’m coupled up with someone and feel I have a better connection with someone else, it’d be stupid not to pursue it."