George Rains

George goes Fishing For Compliments

Gorgeous George (aka Casa Amor's king of snack chat) spent some time with us poolside before he jetted back home. But can he guess what you tweeted about him as we play another round of Fishing for Compliments?

  • George Rains

All about George

Chisel-jawed builder George brings his Essex charm to the villa, and is looking for some excitement! He's been staying in, working out and preparing for his time in the sun and can't wait to get started. Here's all about George...

- George has been on a health kick for the last 6 months and hasn't been on the dating scene so is really excited to get started grafting our girls in the villa instead of out on the town. "I’m hoping I’ll have better luck meeting them in a different environment to a nightclub!" he joked.

- He's had a few dating disasters in the past and admits he's been taken for a ride, saying "I've definitely been catfished - but so has everyone, right?" erm..not us George!

- His perfect girl is someone positive and outgoing and as always, he's looking for that elusive connection. Given his choice of celebs though, he'd plump for Kim Kardashian or Nicole Scherzinger, and has his eye on Amber and Anna in the villa.

- He's the loyal type though "I've never had a wandering eye...and I've never cheated" He believes in bro code and thinks he's going to be besties with Tommy and Anton.

Let's hope George builds a few relationships in the villa!