Hayley Hughes

Charlie goes in on Hayley

It's been a few days since Charlie and Hayley were dumped from the villa, and it turns out the atmosphere between them is still as frosty as ever! Charlie pulls no punches when Caroline grills him on Love Island Aftersun.

Hayley and Charlie are dumped from the villa

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Hayley and Charlie, and Alex and Samira were judged as the least compatible couples by their fellow Islanders, but the public voted to save Alex and Samira, meaning it was time to say adios to Hayley and Charlie! Tears were flowing around the fire pit, but it looks like no love will be lost between the frosty pair.

Challenge: Meet Your Match

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Samira's taking centre stage to host today's challenge: Meet Your Match! The Islanders are in for a shock when our very scientific test reveals who they're most compatible with in the villa.

Eyal erupts at Hayley

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The tension between Hayley and Eyal has been rising for days, and when Wes lets slip that Hayley's been getting personal, Eyal finally erupts! Warning: contains a LOT of bad vibes.

FIRST LOOK: Eyal's had enough of Hayley and a triple threat arrives

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After recoupling with Hayley and saving her from being dumped, Eyal loses his cool when he finds out she's been gossiping about him. Muggy!

A hot double delivery gets the girls all excited, but it's not long before the boys have got something to smile about too, when bombshell Megan makes her entrance.

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