Casa Amor: Meet the boys

Jordan, 24 from London

- Jordan's going to bring "energy and fun" to Casa Amor and is looking for a girl "who is on the same wavelength as my banter".
- His celeb crush is Emilia Clarke, but when it comes to our Islanders he's got his eyes on... everyone!
- Fun fact: Jordan's a dab hand at knitting, but he definitely won't need a wooly scarf where he's going!

Ched, 23 from Suffolk

- Scaffolder Ched rates his looks eight out of 10, and says his arms are his best feature - and we can see why!
- Rebecca, Sophie and Siânnise have caught his eye already, and he's hoping to end up with someone his mum approves of. "If my mum likes you then it's all go!" he says.
- He'll do whatever it takes to secure his dream girl too... "It's not Friend Island, if I fancy someone and she likes me and not you, it's not my fault!"

Casa Amor: Meet the girls

Natalia, 20 from Manchester

- Student Natalia is ready to turn Casa Amor upside down! "I can be a bit random... I'm also energetic and adventurous".
- Callum, Finn and Luke M have already caught her eye, but she also likes a man with a strong beard!
- She rates her smile and laugh as her best features, but says her worst habit is wearing her heart on her sleeve... a little too much. "If I'm in a bad mood, people will know about it."

Eva, 21 from Bromley

- Eva rates herself 10/10 in the looks department! "How can you expect someone to love you if you don't love yourself?" she says.
- Take note boys - she's after someone "with a rugby physique... a real alpha male".
- Will she step on any toes to find her dream man? "I don't owe anyone anything - the game is the game." Sounds like it's game on!