Islanders 2018

All about Stephanie

- This stunning brunette is a 23-year-old Account Manager from Hertfordshire.

- She describes herself as "really fun", only time will tell if she'll be bringing the laughs to the villa this summer.

- This Hertfordshire babe says, "I am a very affectionate person and I’m a loyal friend and also girlfriend". It looks like she'll be giving Georgia a run for her money. She's loyal too, you know?

All about Paul

- This 31-year-old from Bournemouth describes himself as "happy and outgoing and spontaneous".

- He's a carpenter, so he's good with his hands. Bonus. Oh and he's also a model - I mean you can't not be with looks like this, right?

- Paul's most attracted to Kaz in the villa. Although he also mentions Alexandra, saying
"I really like her aura". Is it Eyal coming back in a new body?! Deep.

- He's never cheated on a girl, and says he's looking for that someone special. "I want to be physically attracted to the person I’m with but there has to be something special about her". Do any of our villa girls have that special something? We'll let Paul be the judge of that...

- With looks that Toxic, it's no surprise that Paul has appeared as the lead actor in a Britney video in the past. Yes, ACTUAL Britney.

- He featured in the Make Me video cavorting around almost naked, with Brit. Saucy. Paul says: "Me and Britney were friends for a bit. I got to know her really well during the making of the video." PLEASE SAY SHE'LL BE WATCHING HIM ON LOVE ISLAND? WE CAN'T CONTAIN OUR EXCITEMENT.

- Paul's had long-term relationships in the past, but is now looking for that "perfect person". He admits "I would like to settle down". Let's see if this carpenter can go all the way and nail finding love in the villa.

- His only worry about joining Love Island: "I don’t want to come across as a bad guy!" Hopefully, he'll behave himself and hammer home that good guy image for us all to see!

All about Laura

- Our 23-year-old surfer is set to cause waves on Love Island this summer.

- This Devon beauty has represented Great Britain in surfing since she was 16, so she shore is bringing her adventurous side to the villa.

- What's she looking for in a guy? She says: "Humour is a good start. And confidence, not arrogance." Maybe one of our boys can laugh their way into her heart. Yeah, buoy.

- Describing her most disastrous date, Laura says: "I started talking to this guy on Instagram, went on a date with him, arrived and he was much shorter than me. I want to date someone taller than me. As the date progressed, he told me everything about his life and didn’t ask anything about me. I don’t even think I said where I lived. I did a runner. Went to the toilet and never went back."

- Poor Laura. Life's a beach. But hopefully her luck will change this summer and we'll find her a guy that she doesn't have to do a runner from!

- Laura says her best feature is probably her "nice eyes". But the one thing that could put boys off is the amount of energy she has. Can she be more Pacific? She explains: "I struggle to sit still, I’ve always got to be doing something."

- Our sexy surfer says, "I am very open-minded and I’m always ready for an adventure." So let's get the next adventure in her life started. Love Island 2018. It's gonna be swell.

All about Josh

- This fittie is a 21-year-old DJ from Birmingham - but will he hit the right beats in the villa this summer?

- On the lookout for love, Josh says, "I’ve had my eye on Georgia for a while. Alexandra blew me away when I saw her." But he's not putting all his discs in one case, "I want to get to know them all and go from whoever I think I’m getting the most connection back from."

All about Alexandra

- Make up artist Alexandra's on hand to offer some top beauty tips to her fellow Islanders, but which boy will she be laying her foundations with?

- The 27-year-old from Hertfordshire is a whole lot of FUN. She says, "I’m always the life and soul of the party and I’m a bit of a joker. I’m just always super positive and I love life."

- The fun could easily stop though if Alexandra gets too much for her fellow Islanders. Talking about her bad habits, she says, "I’m quite loud which can get annoying." Let's hope she isn't too much to handle in the villa, or she'll have lots of making up to do...

All about Kieran

- This tall, dark and handsome hottie is a 26-year-old personal trainer from London.

- Not too worried about stepping on anyone else's toes, Kieran says, "I’m going to be a bit selfish in there and think about myself rather than others." Watch out, lads!

- Kieran's ready to steal the spotlight - "I like to be the centre of attention whether it’s good or bad but I like things to be about me."

All about Idris

- Idris is a 25-year-old boxer from Birmingham, we'll see if the gloves come off when he's in the villa!

- On the lookout for a "partner in crime", this handsome fella has his eyes on Kaz, Georgia, and Samira.

- Our brave man is up for a challenge, and doesn't mind stepping on people's toes - "I know some of the girls are coupled up, like Kaz with Josh, so it would be a challenge with her but I’ll find a way of stealing Kaz because she is my type."

All about Frankie

- This chilled out fella is a 22-year-old Business management student and fitness coach from Cheltenham. He's on the lookout for a genuine lady while he's in the villa, we'll see if he'll meet his match.

- Although at the beginning he had eyes for Ellie and Megan, he's now coupled up with beautiful Samira!

- This confident hottie says, "if I’m ever in a group of people, I’m never the quiet one, and I’ll always get stuck in. I’m usually noticed above anyone else." We're sure Samira will give him a run for his money while he's in the villa!