Josh Denzel

Kaz and Josh meet the parents

The world's most smitten couple are taking things up a notch and introducing each other to their nearest and dearest. Just when you thought things couldn't get any more perfect for Josh and Kaz, it turns out their loved ones get on like a dream too!

Josh and Kaz drop the l word

Josh and Kaz are quite clearly one of the world's most smitten couples, but they've been waiting for the perfect moment to drop those three special words. Being the generous bunch that we are, we've provided them with a beautiful setting (ft. a couple of swingers), and finally, the mood is all kinds of right.

Daddy Day Care ends in Disaster

Video guidance This video contains strong language

When the girls are treated to some time out from being full-time villa mums, it's up to the boys to step up to the plate and look after the babies. Can the newly formed 'Daddy Day Care Society' handle the pressure?

*Spoiler: No. It absolutely can't.*

Challenge: Shake it Off

Video guidance This video contains strong language

It's time to reveal to the Islanders exactly what the public think of them! Today's challenge sees our happy couples go up against the opinion polls. But will the results leave them feeling Delicate... or will they just Shake it Off?

Josh and Wes tell Jack to crack on with the new girls

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Jack's having doubts about his future with Laura, so he seeks advice from resident risk-takers Josh and Wes who, unsurprisingly, encourage him to take a risk and see if there's any sparks between him and our lovely new ladies Laura and Stephanie.

Josh asks Kaz to be his girlfriend

We're sending lovebirds Josh and Kaz off on a romantic date and Josh has got a grand plan to ask his dream girl a very important question. His nerves may be sky-high, (hello three outfit changes and lots of extra aftershave), but will Josh get the answer he's hoping for?