Jourdan Riane

Curtis tells Jourdan he'd recouple with her

Video guidance This video contains strong language

In just a few short days Jourdan has managed to fully turn Curtis's head. Our dancer decides to take a risk, putting his heart on the line as he opens up to her about his feelings.

All about Jourdan

Essex girl Jourdan has been spotted in the pages of Vogue Italia, so we’re sure she’ll have no problems catching the eye of one of our Islanders…

- A model and actress by day, Jourdan reckons it’s her ‘bubbly personality’ that makes her the perfect Islander.

- Ready to tread on toes to get what she wants, Jourdan is going to keep focussed on the task in hand… But she’ll ‘never be disrespectful’, though. Phew!

- In no particular order, Michael and Danny are on her list of possible future boyfs… oh and Jordan! Watch out Anna…

- Her dream man is fun, full of banter and very family orientated. They also need to be spontaneous and a fan of ‘keeping it fun and fresh’!

- ‘Arrogance is a big no no’ says Jourdan, which is really very understandable. Fingers crossed there's someone on the Island of love for her...