Laura Crane

Jack and Laura are dumped from the Island

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It's a bittersweet end for New Jack and New Laura! They may be leaving the villa just days before the final, but they're ready to surf straight into a happy future together back in Blighty!

Laura shades Jack during his lie detector test

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What could be worse than going through the lie detector test? Going through the lie detector test with your ex, of course! Jack's setting himself up for a double Laura grilling when he takes his place in the hot seat!

Challenge: Ladies Day

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It's time for our ladies to get all dressed up and don their best hats... only to be sprayed with bubbly as they ride horse shaped space hoppers around a make-shift race course. Oh, we do know how to show them a good time!

Challenge: Master Bakers

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In typical Love Island style, we've tied our couples to each other by the apron strings and blindfolded the boys. Now it's up to them to work as a team to perfectly decorate a cake. We're really hoping Mary Berry never sees this.

All about Laura

- Our 23-year-old surfer is set to cause waves on Love Island this summer.

- This Devon beauty has represented Great Britain in surfing since she was 16, so she shore is bringing her adventurous side to the villa.

- What's she looking for in a guy? She says: "Humour is a good start. And confidence, not arrogance." Maybe one of our boys can laugh their way into her heart. Yeah, buoy.

- Describing her most disastrous date, Laura says: "I started talking to this guy on Instagram, went on a date with him, arrived and he was much shorter than me. I want to date someone taller than me. As the date progressed, he told me everything about his life and didn’t ask anything about me. I don’t even think I said where I lived. I did a runner. Went to the toilet and never went back."

- Poor Laura. Life's a beach. But hopefully her luck will change this summer and we'll find her a guy that she doesn't have to do a runner from!

- Laura says her best feature is probably her "nice eyes". But the one thing that could put boys off is the amount of energy she has. Can she be more Pacific? She explains: "I struggle to sit still, I’ve always got to be doing something."

- Our sexy surfer says, "I am very open-minded and I’m always ready for an adventure." So let's get the next adventure in her life started. Love Island 2018. It's gonna be swell.

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