Lavena Back

All About Lavena

23-year-old Lavena is our business babe from London. She’s got the brains AND the beauty, but will she catch the eye of any of our boys?

- Lavena’s been a single girl for four years now, so she’s ready for the real deal. “I needed a while to get over my last relationship and really enjoy myself before I could commit to someone. But now I’m very much ready.”

- This brunette bombshell is guilty of flaking on dates and ghosting a few fellas in the past. There’s no chance of ghosting in the villa, so will she be able to face the heat of all those love triangles our Islanders seem so good at making?

- Lavena says her biggest turn off is, “a guy talking to other girls, that really turns me off.” We can’t see that happening. At all. Nope…

- And she’s absolutely not afraid to step on the existing girls’ toes, telling us: “I don’t really care. I’m there to find love. As everyone says it’s not Friend Island. I’m not afraid to say it how it is.” *orders the popcorn*

- This confident babe has her eye on Tom, Danny and Anton, so it’s all to play for in that hot, hot villa!