Molly-Mae Hague

Tempers flare as Molly-Mae and Tommy get heated

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Tommy himself said that his head did a full 560-degree turn after the dinner date with Maura. Molly-Mae confronts him for cracking on without giving her any reassurance.

FIRST LOOK: The villa ERUPTS as heads turn for Maura

Video guidance This video contains strong language, adult humour and sexual references

Has Molly-Mae met her match in Maura? Things get heated after Michael's date with the Irish arrival looks a little too cosy for Amber. The two new bombshells better get working on those tans, as the girls are throwing some SERIOUS shade their way. The villa erupts, tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

Molly-Mae flirts with Danny

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Molly-Mae wants to know the crackeroo as she gets her flirt on with Danny, leaving Tommy and Yewande feeling a little bit jealous. As Molly questions whether she'd like to learn more about Tommy Land, she decides she'd love a visit to Danny Land.

FIRST LOOK: Molly-Mae treads on Yewande's toes

Video guidance This video contains strong language, adult humour and sexual references

Molly-Mae gets the girls' backs up by making a move on new boy Danny, threatening Yewande's chance at love. Michael's left in the shade when Amber's also picked for a date with the latest arrival. Get the popcorn ready - tonight's episode is going to be SALTY.

All about Molly-Mae

Blonde bombshell Molly-Mae

Social media influencer Molly-Mae thinks her easy going nature will win her fans in the villa, but will it put her on the path to true love? Here's everything you need to know about Molly-Mae.

- She's all about the good vibes. Her perfect man has got to keep her smiling. "Laughing is my favourite thing, I have to be constantly laughing." It helps if they look like Channing Tatum too though!

- Her friends come before any guy, and she's always ready to give advice and back up her mates!

- That doesn't mean she won't go after what she wants in the villa: "Obviously, I’ll go to the length I need to go to get the guy I want, but in the process, I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone".

- One of her hobbies is thinking... or at least she spends a lot of time doing it! "I'm an over thinker," she confessed.

- She also admits she can be 'hot headed' and 'scatty', which could mean interesting times when she's dropped in to the villa...

- Molly-Mae's not into superficial guys. She's dated Premier League footballers in the past but claims they can be a "bang average Jack the lad" when you get to know them.

- She's definitely loyal though: "I’ve never cheated and I never would cheat. When you see it first-hand you know that it’s not something you want to have happen to you or do to someone else"

Will Molly-Mae find her man? We can't wait to find out!

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