Molly-Mae Hague

Tommy and Molly-Mae make it official

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After a pump up chat and lots of help from Curtis, Tommy asks Molly-Mae to be his girlfriend in the most romantic way possible. Cue the tears...

Lucie tells Tommy she still has feelings for him

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Molly-Mae sees Lucie and Tommy talking out of the corner of her eyes and is instantly suspicious. But they come to the conclusion that they're better as friends because Tommy has his heart set on Molly-Mae...

Molly-Mae has an emotional return to the villa

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Our boxer patiently waits for Molly-Mae, squeezing Ellie-Belly as he anticipated her return. There isn't one dry eye in sight as Molly-Mae walks back through the villa doors to a loyal Tommy.

Lucie opens up to Tommy about her feelings for him

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Anton encourages Lucie to tell Tommy how she really feels about him. What's the worst that can happen? An angry villa is nothing our surfer can't handle! After seeing Lucie and Tommy talking, Amber tells Molly-Mae that Lucie hasn't ruled out a romantic relationship with him. Molly-Mae is left completely stunned...

Tommy and Molly-Mae go horse riding

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Based on his love for Hannah Montana, we all know that Tommy is a big fan of country music. So Molly-Mae and Tommy head out on the perfect horseriding date. Have you ever seen a boxer trying to get on a horse? Trust us, you won't want to miss it!

Tommy might be in ANOTHER love triangle

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We know that Tommy is NOT a fan of shapes... but he might be finding himself back in another love triangle. It feels a lot like deja vu as Lucie doesn't rule out a romantic relationship with our boxer, and Molly-Mae is starting to feel suspicious about their friendship.

FIRST LOOK: Your tweets leave Molly-Mae feeling threatened

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It's all kicking off as some of your tweets are revealed in the 'online buzz' challenge. Molly-Mae feels threatened as Tommy and Lucie's friendship is bought into question, and she thinks Tommy needs to establish some boundaries. The boys are unsure about Molly-Mae's motives, but Tommy's sure she's the real deal... isn't he?

All will be revealed tonight, 9pm on ITV2.

9 times Molly-Mae proved she's an actual hair unicorn

Raise a hand if you've been obsessing over a certain Islander's hair from the moment she stepped foot in the villa? We're right there with you!

Quite frankly, Molly-Mae has some of the most gorgeous locks we've ever laid eyes on (excluding Curtis' bed head, obvs), and she can quite literally wear it any which way. Messy bun? Half up half down? Perfect milkmaid braids? Her locks tick every single box.

So join us in getting totally jealous over just a handful of the styles she's CATEGORICALLY perfected.

1. The second she entered the villa, we were like WOW.

She really has that 'loose waves with lots of volume' look down.

2. Even when she popped it in a bun for a dip it the hot tub, she still looked flawless.

Molly-Mae's messy bun looks like a precisely placed stunning sphere, ours looks like an actual potato plonked on a beach ball.