10 times Yewande slayed without even realising

Scientist Yewande may not yet believe Danny's really into her, but she should know that we definitely are! Our girl is smart, funny and not to mention totally gorgeous, giving us life at every step of her Love Island journey.

Are you feeling the Yewande love too? Join our appreciation club by having a good ol' scroll through her best moments to date.

1. When she was momentarily left single on day one, but offered some killer perspective.

"It's fine, like, the sky hasn't fallen down or anything."


2. When she had a breakfast date with Michael and hit him with scintillating science chat.

"What did you do your thesis in?" is our new go-to chat up line.

9 things we learnt on day 16

The Flack was back... which meant it was time to make that busy villa a little less crowded...
Yewande made us all emotional when she revealed her insecurities were stopping her getting closer to Danny. Maura's confidence took a knock as tensions between her and Elma came to a head, and a particularly gruesome challenge saw our couples sharing a lot more than saliva.
But it was the shock twist in the dumping that had the Islanders shook - as two couples were split apart and following the public vote, Joe and Elma were sent packing. Never a dull day on the island, eh? Here's what we learnt on day 16.

1. You cannot kiss in this villa without an audience

No chance of a quiet romantic moment over here… Tommy’s first kiss with Molly-Mae was met with an avalanche of cheers from the lads, plus a full debrief from villa BFF Curtis.

2. Yewande: You. Are. Enough.

They’re arguably the Island’s cutest pair, but Yewande revealed to Anna that she’s having doubts about her man Danny. After a good old DMC with her pal, Yewande admitted it was down to her self confidence.

“I’ve never been with someone so genuine, and obviously I have my own insecurities. I think it’s really hard to accept that Danny’s feelings are genuine. They’re insecurities I have to fix within myself.”

Urgent message to Anton - can we get another pep talk over here immediately please?

3. We want in on this hug

It’s been a busy few days and we just need a cuddle ok?

4. Tea can solve most problems…

...except maybe when you walk in on your friend calling you hypocritical.

*sips slowly*

5. If in doubt, call Uncle Curtis

If he had an actual helpline, it'd be popping OFF with all these relationship dilemmas, but luckily the Islanders know exactly where to find their resident agony uncle when they need a chat. Still worrying about the status of his relationship with Yewande, Danny was next in line for a heart-to-heart with Uncle C.

6. The Islanders made a right meal of the challenge

Mustard in the face, chewed up strawberries in the mouth, ketchup in the hair… and don't get us started on sweaty cheese.

7. The food challenges are serving up some serious sauce

The food challenges are proving hard to stomach for our girls, who have come back to the villa in need of some serious chats. Still covered in ketchup, Elma and Maura decided to have a katchup (geddit?) about their feelings towards Tom. Turns out it's hard to argue when you're head-to-toe covered in milkshake, and the girls soon figured out their differences.

8. Jucie cemented their feelings...

After a rocky few days, Joe took Lucie aside to apologise for letting the girls influence his feelings. "I have definitely fallen for you. I know that you’ll eventually be my girlfriend, and I want to make that moment special," he told her. Awwww.

9. …just as Joe was dumped from the Island

When Caroline arrives, you know there's about to be a shake up. News of a dumping had the Islanders shook, but they were not expecting two couples to be broken up for good.

Hearts dropped around the firepit, when Caroline revealed the public had been voting to save one Islander from each couple. You choose to save Lucie and Anton over Joe and Elma, breaking Jucie apart with an emotional farewell.

Maura's 10 most Maura moments

She may have been in the villa less than a week, but Maura is already bringing the action (and a whole load of drama) to our screens.

From her incredible one-liners to her iconic reactions, this Irish lass is pretty much the definition of not holding back - and we 100 per cent love her for it. So let's take a look at the moments she's had us all on the edge of our seats, shall we?

1. From the second she entered the villa, Maura had our full attention.

The walk. The wink. The sass. We couldn't get enough!

2. Even before her dates started, we totally got a feel for her personal brand.

Maura was not afraid to have *naughty* thoughts about Tommy... and share them... out loud... on national television...

10 things we learnt on day 15

Loyalties were tested all over the villa as our couples had to choose the Islanders they thought were least compatible, putting Anton and Elma and Joe and Lucie at risk.
Anna and Maura cosied up to new boys Jordan and Tom on a couple of hot dates, and despite Maura feeling pretty smitten with model Tom, our new arrival also showed an interest in Elma, leaving both Anton and Maura feeling awks. Elsewhere it was a romantic new beginning for Molly-Mae and Tommy, who put a dramatic few days behind them and shared their first romantic snog. Here's what we learnt on day 15.

1. Your true feelings come out when your place in the villa is at stake

We like to keep the Islanders on their toes, and having to choose the least compatible couples among your mates is one way to do it. An agonising decision for any Islander, there were plenty of truths shared among our pairs as they weighed up their options.
"On the outside, I just don't see them working," Molly-Mae told Tommy.

"Anton and Elma. I love Anton but I don't see how they're compatible," Amber said to Michael, who was in agreement.
Meanwhile across the garden, Danny said of Tommy: "I feel like his head will always be turned."


2. You need serious glasses for serious business

Behold: the look of an Islander making a very important decision.

3. Curtis is a superstitious soul

10 years bad sex? We’re not taking any chances, and neither is Anna.

*furiously taps glass on the table*

4. We can’t move for professional mannequins

The villa is choc full of beautiful people, and we've popped two more models into the mix just to keep the eye candy on point. Both of our new hotties Tom and Jordan are "professional mannequins", as Tom put it. We're not complaining...

5. Thank u, next

There's nothing like a date with a hot model to help you forget that beautiful boxer back at the villa…

“I’ve seen you’re into Tommy," asked Tom as he got chatting to the Irish beauty.
“Ah, don’t go there. I’m not into Tommy anymore!” she replied.

Tommy who?

6. Do Bits is so 2018

After a night that saw Curtis and Amy get a little closer under the covers, the dancer was quick to debrief the boys on the previous night's... action. But there will be no resurrection of the Do Bits Society if Curtis has got anything to do with it.

"We’re all gentlemen here so we’re not going to say bits or whatever," he stated. A gentleman never tells, after all.
"He hasn’t taken off yet but he’s checked in. He’s in the lobby," remarked Michael.

7. Islanders who wear orange together… flirt like mad together

They'd only known each other for one evening, but the matching outfits were already out for Anna and Jordan. We're taking this as a good sign, right?

8. Anton can’t catch a break

Poor Anton. He's finally got himself in a romantic couple and a hot new model has come in and declared he's got eyes for Elma.
Our Scot was very gracious when Tom pulled him for a chat, and gave our new arrival his blessing to get to know Elma. Even if his body language here tells a different story...

9. The tables have turned on Maura

Maura enjoyed a lovely date with new Islander Tom, helping her to mend her wounds after Tommy chose to couple up with Molly-Mae despite some serious grafting from Maura. But the new arrival admitted he also liked the look of Elma, who declared she was willing to keep her options open, much to Maura's horror.

“I’m p***** off. She’s coupled up with Anton, she has the chance. I’m not coupled up with anyone. Why can’t she give her friend a chance?”

10. It's a new day for Tommy and Molly-Mae

He's king of romantic declarations as well as king of the ring, and Tommy did not disappoint when he declared his feelings to Molly-Mae leaving her (and us) melting.

"I’ve never met a girl I’ve got on with this much. Every time I wake up next to you it just makes smile because I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve waking up next to you," he told her.

Romance Factor: 3000. Cue the couple's first kiss...

Phone raid: Smiles and Sunshine

Those long arms of Tommy's make for a good group shot.

Our girls are serving looks!

We love when villa Mum and Dad take a selfie!

You okay there Tommy?

The iconic love triangle, a shape Tommy is all too familiar with...

We do!

A cheeky smile never hurt anyone!

A boxing session never looked so good

Nighttime glam from our two blonde stunners

8 moments from last night's recoupling that had us shook

Oh. Em. Geeeeeee.

Sunday nights never looked so dramatic, as all the Islanders took part in our most explosive recoupling to date. There were touching moments, tough decisions and so much tension it would blunt even the sharpest of knives. THEN just when we thought we could breathe easy, a couple of red hot texts left us hanging.

Was Joe going to choose Lucie? What was Anton going to do? Who on earth would Tommy pick? AND THERE ARE TWO NEW BOYS!? Recap everything that went down right now!

1. Was Joe going to choose Lucie or someone else? The tension was just TOO much.

We'd never expect a recoupling speech that included the line "I know over the last few days I've had my doubts" to end well. But luckily Joe pulled it back and coupled up with Lucie once again.

2. Michael in glasses.

That is all.

3. Danny's description of Yewande warmed our cold hearts.

"She has great character, amazing features both inside and out."
Forget recoupling speeches, we'd happily take that one as a wedding speech (if you're offering, Danny...)