Five things we learnt on day 46

Pass the tissues - day 46 was an emotional one. There was grafting everywhere ahead of the recoupling, with old Laura and Alexandra both grafting Paul, Alex realising he gave up on Alexandra too soon, new Laura feeling very smitten about new Jack, which mugged Steph off entirely. When the time finally came, it turned out to be some of the most emotional firepit fireworks to date as Georgia really did prove her loyalty to Sam, and the pair dramatically decided to quit the villa so that they could be together.
Here's what we learnt on day 46.

FIRST LOOK: An agonising recoupling for Sam and Georgia

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Gossip travels fast in the villa, and Steph loses it with Jack when she finds out about his steamy secret kiss with Laura.

The tension builds when news of a recoupling hits the Islanders. There are love triangles, squares and pentagons galore, but it's Sam and Georgia that face the most agonising choice.

There are plenty of tears, tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

Seven things we learnt on day 45

Just when our couples were looking solid... suddenly everyone is back to their old grafting ways! New Jack dumped old Laura and was kissing new Laura 24 hours later, but new girl Steph also has her eye on the footballer. Alex and Alexandra cooled things off (but not before Dani had a few stern words with the doctor for being muggy) and that left Alexandra setting her sights on Paul, but was perhaps a bit too forward for our shy carpenter, who was busy fixing old Laura's broken heart. Elsewhere Sam and Georgia secretly snogging even though new Josh was trying his best to crack on. Did you get all that? Here's what we learnt on day 45.

Six things we learnt on day 44

Our four new arrivals must have some seriously special powers of attraction, as they'd barely set foot in the villa before most of our existing couples were questioning their relationships.
Alex and Alexandra went from full-speed to snail's pace, Sam and Georgia could barely look at each other despite claiming to be the villa's strongest couple the day before, and after seeking some advice from his best boys, Jack decided to end things with Laura... again. Here's what else we learnt on day 44.

FIRST LOOK: Is it all over for Jack and Laura?

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There's nothing like a bunch of stunning new arrivals to make our Islanders question their relationships...
Jack has doubts over whether him and Laura are really suited, and Alex is having second thoughts about Alexandra too - which doesn't go unnoticed by her.
Will anyone be tempted to jump ship for something new?

Five things we learnt on day 43

Oh. Hell. Apparently a dumping at the Island Beach Club party wasn't enough drama - Caroline then delivered the most shocking plot twist to date. Georgia and Sam were forced to choose between staying together and staying on the Island, and after plenty of tears and tantrums the pair decided to part ways - baffling the other Islanders in the process. Before they could even reapply their sunscreen, the new singles were heading out on dates with four smoking hot new arrivals, leaving their relationship hanging by a thread. Here's what we learnt on day 43.

FIRST LOOK: One couple agonises over whether to stay or go

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The drama at the Island Beach Party isn't over yet! A massive plot twist is delivered to one of our remaining couples - they must decide whether to stay in the villa but break up, or end their Love Island journey as a couple and head home. The promise of four new arrivals adds even more confusion - will they be swayed by temptation?