Ovie Soko

FIRST LOOK: Amber sparks with Greg, and new girl India impresses Chris AND Ovie...

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Chris is buzzing after his date with India, but it looks like he's got competition from Ovie. There's chemistry between Amber and new boy Greg, which leaves the Islanders wondering where Michael's head is at...

FIRST LOOK: Amber's upset with the girls and it's date time for Ovie and Chris

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Upset after her very tense chat with Michael, Amber confides in best pal Ovie. A lack of support from her girls doesn't help matters, and it's Maura who takes the hit. Ovie and Chris are taken off the subs bench and sent on dates with two new bombshells. But there's a third arrival waiting for someone in the Hideaway...

Love Island returns tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

8 times Ovie was our style inspiration

ATTENTION EVERYONE! We're here to inform you that we're currently being blessed by the presence of a style icon in the villa.

We shouldn't even need to say his name, but for those who aren't quite up to speed, prepare to bow down to lord of looks, Ovie.

There isn't a day that passes where we're not left in awe by his fashion prowess, so brace yourself for a huge dose of #inspo as we treat you to some of his finest sartorial successes.

1. We all know the man loves a hat. But especially THIS hat.

Who would've thought a bucket hat and a dressing gown would make such a great combo?

2. He even sleeps in the thing.

To be fair, it does look comfortable.

Anna and Ovie hit breaking point

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Since returning from Casa Amor, Anna's struggled to choose whether she wants to be with Ovie or Jordan. They hit breaking point as Ovie storms off telling Jordan that things are over between him and Anna.

FIRST LOOK: Ovie confronts Anna about messing him around

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Ovie walks away from Anna as a chat between them gets heated, leaving room for Jordan to step in and pick up the pieces. Joanna's hearing different stories about Michael and Amber and she demands answers.

The love triangles square up, tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

Sparks fly between Jordan and Anna

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Anna may have recoupled with Ovie when she returned from Casa Amor, but all is not lost between her and Jordan...

All about Ovie

Professional basketball player Ovie reckons he's a bit of a wildcard. Will this tall (he's 6'7"!), dark and handsome Londoner prove a hit with our Love Island ladies? Here's everything you need to know about Ovie...

- His basketball career began aged 16. Since then he's lived in 6 different countries and played for Great Britain. But watch out boys, Ovie reckons all that basketball makes him really competitive "it comes with my job, it’s built into my DNA".

- With celeb crushes Meghan Markle and Rihanna, Ovie likes a fiery girl who can be herself. Of our villa girls he likes the look of Anna, "she has consistently been on my radar" he confessed. How exciting!

- He fully intends to be loyal, but he admits there's a possibility he'll have a wandering eye and will move on if he finds a better mental connection with another girl. He doesn't doubt himself though: "I’m not going to be disrespectful, I’m confident I bring enough to the table."

- His basketball schedule doesn't give him much dating time, but he does admit to creeping into the DMs now and again. He likes conversation, not clubbing "I see having a mental connection as very attractive".

Handsome and deep..? It's a slam dunk from us!