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Six things we learnt on day 56

With just one day to go before the final, there were plenty of tears as the families arrived at the villa! After eight long weeks of break ups, make ups and a whole load of bits, our Islanders were feeling pretty emotional. Alexandra's mum had a few things to say to Alex, while Jack finally got the seal of approval from Danny Dyer. Caroline later returned to reveal which Islanders had been put to the public vote, and Alex and Alexandra were dumped from the Island - just as they reached the finish line. Here's what we learnt on the penultimate day in the villa!

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Seven things we learnt on day 54

Alex getting pied, Kaz and Josh getting lovey dovey with the L word and Meg and Wes causing some motion in the ocean... We had love AND heartbreak on day 54. But what exactly have we learnt?

1. Alexandra's made her mind up

... and she doesn't want to chat! Despite various efforts from Alex to apologise, Alexandra stayed strong after calling Alex 'pathetic' last night and didn't want to hear any of it.

2. It's never too late for a bit of sofa sleeping...

It may be very nearly the final, with most of our couples all loved up, but Alex has got himself in bother. Oh hell, and he's back sleeping on the sofa.

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Eight things we learnt on day 53

Our couples headed out on their incredibly romantic final dates, and while Jack and Dani's relationship hit new heights and Laura and Paul enjoyed a sunset snogfest, Alex was more revved up by his Ferrari than his stunning date Alexandra. After seeking advice from Jack and Dani he decided to call it quits, but not before she called him out for wasting her time. Can the villa cope with another broken heart? Here's what we learnt...

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Eight things we learnt on day 52

It's the return of the babies! Our Islanders woke up to six very needy new arrivals, and some were definitely happier than others to play at being parents. New Jack couldn't get enough, while Josh couldn't get away fast enough. Our dream daddies were left holding the baby when the ladies left for a girlie date, and the villa was reduced to chaos. Parents evening took an emotional turn when news of a dumping saw new Laura and Jack say their goodbyes. Here's what we learnt.

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Seven things we learnt on day 51

The aftermath of the lie detector test rippled through the villa as the Islanders' insecurities were left exposed. Jack was fuming with Dani, new Laura let her guard down new Jack, while Alexandra doubted the strength of Alex's feelings. The next morning we all breathed a sigh of relief when Jani kissed and made up, but the there was more tension when the Islanders heard the headlines and found out what you really thought about them. Here's what we learnt.

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Seven things we learnt on day 50

50 days of snogs, sweet nothings and plenty of scandal... so we figured it was about time for our Islanders to face the ultimate test - the lie detector! Some of the summer's biggest scandals were put to bed, while others came back to haunt the villa. Will Dani and Jack's relationship survive the truth? And where will Alexandra go from here with Alex? Here's what we learnt on a very revealing day 50.

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Five things we learnt on day 49

Alex's late night role-play did the trick for Alexandra, who couldn't stop smiling about her man on day 49. Megan and Wes tried - and failed - to get some alone time, and it was Ladies Day at the races as the girls were challenged to gallop to victory... on space hoppers.
The Islanders were made up when a sizzling date gave Alex and Alexandra some super romantic feels, but news of a dumping ruined the mood, and new Josh and Steph said goodbye to the villa. Here's what else we learnt.

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Five things we learnt on day 47

It was all change in the bedroom on day 47 after the previous night's recoupling - except for Alex, who slept on the sofa to give an upset Alexandra some space. Paul found himself unwittingly added to the DBS, and our professional athletes Laura and Jack emerged victorious from a very sticky baking challenge - earning themselves a very smooth first date. Back at the villa old Jack and Dani dreamed up a perfect role-play plan for Alex to win back Alexandra, and cool Paul showed us how it's done with the smoothest first kiss ever - but then, he has kissed Britney Spears after all. Here's what we learnt.

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