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FIRST LOOK: It's the last day in paradise for our final four couples!

Video guidance This video contains strong language

It's been an EPIC summer of love for our Islanders, and the last day in paradise has arrived for our finalists! Your winning couple will be crowned in the final of Love Island 2018, TONIGHT at 9pm on ITV2.

Six things we learnt on day 56

With just one day to go before the final, there were plenty of tears as the families arrived at the villa! After eight long weeks of break ups, make ups and a whole load of bits, our Islanders were feeling pretty emotional. Alexandra's mum had a few things to say to Alex, while Jack finally got the seal of approval from Danny Dyer. Caroline later returned to reveal which Islanders had been put to the public vote, and Alex and Alexandra were dumped from the Island - just as they reached the finish line. Here's what we learnt on the penultimate day in the villa!