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Challenge: The Sidebar of Shame

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Newspaper headlines cause quite the splash as our couples are left in turmoil...

The dumping fallout has emotions running high

Video guidance This video contains strong language

After being saved by the Islanders multiple times, Anna's upset that she was at risk of leaving the villa. Meanwhile, Chris is overwhelmed with happiness that he was saved by the others, as he has an emotional chat with Curtis.

The villa breakups that have broken us so far

Reach for the tissues people, because things are about to get totes emosh!

We've witnessed our Islanders in every possible relationship scenario this summer, from love triangles to squares, L-bombs to big break-ups and everything in between. But watching couples part ways has made for some of the toughest viewing - the blame for which we can quite confidently place at Casa Amor's door.

So hold onto your hearts as we look back at some of the biggest, most heart-wrenching splits so far.

1. The end of Jucie

Our first sad separation shook the villa way back in week three, when Joe was dumped from the Island. The professional sandwich maker had made surfer chick Lucie his half-girlfriend just a week earlier, taking their relationship to the next level since coupling up on day one.

As expected, there were streams of tears from both parties when Joe packed his bags, declaring he would wait for Lucie on the outside. Our. hearts.

2. Danny sends Yewande packing

Where we even being with Danny/Yewande/Arabella-gate?

The handsome model had been laying it on scientist Yewande pretty thick, urging her to open up and let him into her life - not forgetting THAT epic recoupling speech that hit us all in the feels.

Despite her reservations, Yewande decided to take the plunge with Danny, but timing was not on her side. When bombshell Arabella arrived at the villa his head was turned almost instantly, prompting him to couple up with her, leaving poor Yewande stood at the firepit alone.

His decision meant Yewande had to pack her bags and head home, but not before she left him with the now iconic line: "What goes around comes around, have a nice life."

FIRST LOOK: Newspaper headlines cause chaos among the Islanders

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Today’s explosive challenge hits plenty of our Islanders' nerves, as the headlines rattle Harley when Chris chooses himself as 'meant to be' with India. Anton’s head is also gone after he discovers his best friend thinks Belle isn’t genuine. Awks...

The drama unfolds, tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

7 things we learnt on day 49

It really was a whirlwind 24 hours. Whilst one couple made things official, another was sent packing...

Day 49 brought a whole lot of romance as Jordan planned the perfect girlfriend proposal for Anna. There literally wasn't a dry eye in sight... or dry anything really as salmons began to jump into the pool left, right and centre. Meanwhile, we discovered that Tommy has hidden fashion gems locked away and the Islanders are living in dog years rn. Seriously, they've just reached their second birthday after almost two months in the villa.

Bring out the B-day cake, and take a look at everything we learnt...

1. Villa time = Dog years

Harley and Chris have officially known each other for four days. So you know what that means... things are getting serious!

We can always count on Chris to have something up his sleeve, and he taught us that in dog years, he's spent 28 days with Harley.

Sparks were flying between our new couple, so Chris revealed: "I'm not very good at telling people I fancy them, but I am pretty good at showing people I fancy them." What. A. Line. And just like that, Harley and Chris had their first kiss.

*The villa erupts into cheers*

2. We can all use a little help from our friends

As Jordan was telling the boys about his master plan to ask Anna a very important question, Chris noticed the girls had a watchful eye over their convo and saved the day: "There's one more problem. What are we talking about right now? Because everyone's looking at us..."

Our boys came up with the perfect diversion, as Chris said: "To end this situation now, let's all give Michael a pat on the legs."

And if you thought his tactics would never work, you'd be wrong...

...Amber spotted the boys congratulating Michael and was instantly on edge: "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. They're having a group hug with Michael." Wow, that was a long wait.

Our Irish firecracker began to speculate: "Oh my god he's gonna try and kiss you."

Mission accomplished.

3. There's only one way to celebrate

The pool is there for a reason. And it's not just for swimming!

4. Greg and Amber had a very private first kiss...

...Well, about as private as you can get in a bedroom full of Islanders.

Greg wanted to make the moment special, so he waited to kiss Amber without any wandering eyes catching on...

...Although nobody spotted them, Michael's ears pricked up as he listened away. Awks.

5. Jordan's racking up the bf points already...

Seriously. This man can do no wrong.

Can you name a better way to wake up than having somebody bring you an iced coffee? Because we're pretty sure it tops the list.

Jordan's cuteness level is off the charts, even Anna was overwhelmed: "Oh my god, I'm obsessed with him now." We are too, tbh.

6. Tommy's fashion collection blew us away

What are those? And why haven't we seen them before?!

It looks like Ovie might have competition for his crown as the king of fashion because Tommy is really pulling it out of the bag.

We're still heartbroken that Curtis didn't decide to wear these on his first date with Maura.

7. The air has been fully cleared

The Islanders made the tough decision to dump Michael and Francesca from the villa, but before he left, Michael had something very important to tell Amber.

Although he had doubts about Greg and Amber's compatibility, Michael had a change of heart: "After seeing yous more, I actually do see it working. I see how happy he makes you, and it makes me happy, seeing it make you happy." Too. Cute.

Amber told the Beach Hut: "He's a lovely guy. He made a few mistakes, but he did not have to pull me for that conversation at all. It wasn't necessary to have that, but it meant so much." We couldn't be happier that these two ended everything on a good note!