British student set for US extradition over pirate TV website

British student Richard O'Dwyer set to be extradited to the US Photo: ITV News

A British student is set to be extradited to the US for running a website that provided links to free films and television shows.

Richard O'Dwyer, 23, who studies computer science at Sheffield Hallam, ran the site TVShack for three years, earning £100,000 in the process.

Mr O'Dwyer's mother Julia told ITV News she blames the UK government and not the US for the decision to extradite her son.

America is not at fault here, it's not their fault. They're only extraditing people because they can and they can because the British government allows them to do it."

The Sheffield student - who could now appeal to the High Court and eventually to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg - could face up to 10 years in a federal prison.

Famous UK to US extradition cases:

  • Christopher Tappin, the 65-year-old businessman, was extradited over allegations of breaching sanctions to sell missile batteries to Iran. He denies the charge.
  • Gary McKinnon, the 46-year-old Asperger's sufferer, hacked into computer systems at the Pentagon and has been fighting extradition for almost a decade.