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12 world records challenge for Flintoff Sport Relief gig

Freddie Flintoff practising catching lemons before taking on The BT Sport Relief Challenge Photo: Rhian Ap Gruffydd/PA Wire

Former cricket star Freddie Flintoff has twelve bizarre challenges ahead of him in an effort to set 12 world records for Sport Relief this year. However, one of the challenges is already turning sour, as the former England captain struggles to catch lemons blindfolded.

Despite his success on the cricket field, Flintoff has so far managed just 12 in one minute, seven short of the current record.

Freddie Flintoff practising eating chocolate eclairs before taking on The BT Sport Relief Credit: Rhian Ap Gruffydd/PA Wire

Flintoff is aiming to set his dozen records in a 12-hour period with a mammoth effort entitled The BT Sport Relief Challenge: Flintoff's Record Breakers. Dashing around London to complete stunts such as eating smarties with chopsticks, buttering bread and pulling party poppers, he even hopes to make a few TV appearances.

His other challenge proves to be a little sweeter as Flintoff tries to set new standards for eating chocolate eclairs, while hoping he will land feet-first attempting the highest reverse bungee.

Freddie Flintoff practising popping party poppers before taking on The BT Sport Relief Challenge Credit: Rhian Ap Gruffydd/PA Wire

"I've never held a Guinness World Records title before, so achieving 12 within 12 hours would be an incredible achievement".

– Freddie Flintoff, Former England Cricketer

Highlights will be shown during the Sport Relief night broadcast on BBC1 on March 23.