Sachin Tendulkar hits 100th international century milestone

India batsman Sachin Tendulkar has hit his 100th international century Credit: Reuters

He kept us waiting long enough. But we of course, kept the faith.

He hit the 100th today, and India erupted. He just looked up to the sky quietly and modestly.

That is why we love him. Mix a bit of Beckham, Muhammad Ali, even a but of Mandela, and you get an idea of the reverence in which Sachin Tendulkar is held.

And the truth is I don't care that much for cricket! But I tune in for him.

I was in India when he played in that World Cup last year. Tickets were booked by my Kiwi husband who really does love cricket and loves Sachin like a native Indian!

We watched the game on TV in a town in the foothills of the Himalayas. And we paraded through the streets when they won, crying and screaming out his name with the crowds. My young daughter who describes herself as half Indian and half normal, got hoarse from shouting out his name.

India batsman Sachin Tandulkar on his way to a half century against England at Trent Bridge in 2011 Credit: Reuters

Because even though he wasn't the man of the match, Sachin Tendulkar was The Man.

The one the rest of the victorious Indian team carried around on lap of the stadium. And now his legend has entered another sphere.

Was there anyone, cricket loving or not, who didn't at least smile when they heard that the almost 39-year-old has become the first batsman in history to score 100 international centuries?

He says cricket for him is a Gift from God. That is kind of how we feel about him.