Royal Navy modernise uniform

Soldiers wearing the new Royal Navy working uniform Credit: MoD/Crown Copyright/PA

The Royal Navy have updated their uniform for the first time in 20 years. The new dark blue kit is being trialled by the crew of HMS Daring.

The new uniform is designed to be more versatile than the traditional light blue outfit and more adaptable to different weather conditions. It also has rank badges on the front rather than at the shoulders.

To make it more practical, zip-up boots have been used instead of laces, and Velcro-fastening collars have replaced buttons.

It is a comfortable, practical uniform that looks much more modern than the old style. HMS Daring is a new ship on her first deployment and we are excited about being the first to try out the new clothing too.

The new uniform is being manufactured by a British company as part of a £250,000 contract.

Other trials are due to take place on the HMS Westminster and submarine HMS Talent.