Return to the Falklands: a picture perfect reunion

Nick Taylor gives Marcello Llambias a photo album containing the photographs the Argentinian took in 1982 Credit: ITV1

This year marks thirty years since the Falklands War.

In ITV1's Return to the Falklands documentary, three men travel back to the islands together.

For veteran Simon Weston, it is an opportunity to see parts of the Islands he has never been to before and experience some of the stunning wildlife on the beautiful Sea Lion Island.

For war correspondent Mike Nicholson, it is a chance to learn more about how the Islands themselves have changed and developed and reinvented themselves.

And for former marine Nick Taylor, there is a unique motivation for his return.

In 1982, he found a camera left behind by an Argentine soldier, he took the film home and has always wondered who the man in the photos was.

Thirty years later, he found that the soldier now work as a lawyer in Buenos Aires.

The two men meet again at the top of the Mount of Two Sisters near Port Stanley – where last they were fighting against each other - and Nick returns the photos to their rightful owner Marcello Llambias.

Return to the Falklands will be broadcast on ITV1 and ITV1 HD at 9pm on Tuesday 20th March