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The slow but steady recovery of Bolton footballer Fabrice Muamba

Fabrice Muamba is still being treated in intensive care Photo: Reuters

It is rare to hear doctors talk of miracles - but they are making an exception in Fabrice Muamba's case.

Dr Andrew Deaner - a consultant cardiologist - rushed from his seat when Muamba collapsed monitoring and helping with his treatment.

Muamba's heart didn't start again for almost an hour and twenty minutes.

Effectively, he'd been dead all that time. His family were told he might not see the day through.

Remarkable then that 48 hours later he was not only conscious but talking.

Fabrice Muamba is still being treated in intensive care Credit: Reuters

On Saturday Bolton's club doctor was suddenly confronted with trying to save the life of a friend.

Jonathan Tobin, Bolton Wanderers club doctor

The desperate efforts to keep Muamba alive continued in the ambulance on the way to hospital.

Fabrice Muamba is still in intensive care.

But his determination combined with the instant and faultless treatment he received when he needed it most has given him the best possible chance of leading a normal life again.

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