The Conservative Party has published a list of major party donors who have attended dinners with David Cameron at 10 Downing Street.

And the Prime Minister pledged to publish a quarterly register of any future meals at official residences with people who have given more than £50,000 to the Tories.

The announcement came as Mr Cameron was put under huge pressure over claims by former Tory co-treasurer Peter Cruddas that individuals could secure meetings with ministers and influence policy formation in return for a "premier league" donation.

Speaking at an Alzheimer's Society conference, Mr Cameron said he had hosted dinners for "significant" donors at his flat three times since becoming Prime Minister:

In the two years I have been Prime Minister, there have been three occasions on which significant donors have come to a dinner in my flat. In addition, there was a further post-election dinner which included donors in Downing Street itself shortly after the general election.

The Conservative Party then moved to published details of the dinners' attendees:

  • On 2nd November 2011, Mike and Jenny Farmer, Ian and Christine Taylor and Henry and Dorothy Angest dined at David Cameron's flat.

  • On 28th February 2011, Conservative co-Chairman Andrew Feldman and former Conservative Party treasurer David Rowland were guests in the Prime Minister's flat.

  • On 27th February 2012, former Conservative Party treasurer Michael Spencer and his wife attended dinner at David Cameron's flat.

Ian Taylor is president of the oil trader Vitol, the world's biggest oil dealer, which is hoping to play a major role in the future of the Libyan oil industry under the new government.

Henry Angest is an investment banker, thought to be worth more than £30m, and chairman of the private bank Arbuthnot Latham and Secure Trust.

Mike Farmer is another financier. He founded RK Capital Management, which owns Red Kite, one of the biggest metal hedge funds in the world.

And the Conservative Party confirmed that on July 14th 2010, a "thank-you dinner" following the general election was attended by:

  • Anthony Bamford of JCB

  • Michael Hintze, hedge fund tycoon

  • Murdoch MacLennan (not a donor), Telegraph Media Group chief executive

  • Lord Sainsbury, Tory peer

  • Sir Paul Ruddock, Lansdowne Partners chief executive

  • Mike Farmer, City financier

  • Michael Freeman and his wife

David Cameron said it was publicly known that the Conservatives ran a "Leader's Group" for those who donated more than £50,000.

From now on, the Conservative Party will publish details every quarter of any meals attended by any major donors, whether they take place at Downing Street, Chequers, or any other official residence.

The internal Conservative inquiry into the Cruddas affair will be led by Tory peer and prominent lawyer Lord Gold, said the Prime Minister.

It had earlier been reported that Tory co-chairman Lord Feldman would lead the probe.