Holy Highway Violation! Batmobile pulled over

Police officers took pictures of 'Batman' after pulling him over. Credit: Reuters

American police pulled over a motorist dressed as Batman in his Batmobile, as his superhero license plate was against the highway code.

The superhero emerged from his black Lamborghini fully dressed in a cape and mask.

He then showed police officers his legal license plate and was allowed to go on his way, after officers posed for a few pictures.

The driver, Lenny Robinson, was on his way to visit sick children in the local hospital.

When the control officer was asked did he need any back up he said:

You can send me Robin, if you wish

The video ends with the police officers singing the theme tune to the hit television show.

'Route 29 Batman' has become a twitter sensation as the staff at the various hospitals he visits spoke about the positive impact his visits had on the children.