Falklands conflict: key dates

Argentinian forces hand over their weapons near Port Stanley following their surrender. Credit: Press Association

April 2, 1982: Argentine Forces occupy the Falklands.

April 5, 1982: Ships of the Royal Navy, including the aircraft carriers HMS Hermes and HMS Invincible, leave Portsmouth and elsewhere.

April 12, 1982: Britain declares maritime exclusion zone 200 miles around Falklands.

April 25, 1982: South Georgia recaptured, Argentine submarine Santa Fe damaged.

May 1, 1982: First British attacks.

May 2, 1982: Argentine cruiser General Belgrano sunk.

May 14/15, 1982: SAS raid on Pebble Island supported by naval gunfire. Several Argentine Pucara aircraft damaged or destroyed.

May 20, 1982: UN Secretary-General admits failure of UN talks.

May 25, 1982: HMS Coventry sunk in air attack and container ship Atlantic Conveyor destroyed by Exocet missile.

The Falklands Islands.

May 28, 1982: British victory at Battle of Goose Green.

June 4, 1982: Britain and USA veto UN call for immediate ceasefire.

June 8, 1982: Royal Fleet Auxiliaries Sir Galahad and Sir Tristram bombed at Fitzroy.

June 11,12, 1982: Mount Harriet, Two Sisters and Mount Longdon taken by British forces. HMS Glamorgan hit by land-launched Exocet.

June 13,14, 1982: Tumbledown Mountain, Wireless Ridge and Mount William taken by British forces.

June 14, 1982: General Menéndez surrenders to Major-General Jeremy Moore.