The Prime Minister's spokesman was trying to read journalists the latest advice from the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) on fuel when he stumbled over his notes. "This doesn't make any sense," he said to much laughter.

To give him the benefit of the doubt, he seemed to be talking about his notes, rather than the actual advice. Though many will say not much of the Government's advice on fuel has made much sense recently.

Drivers are now advised to keep checking the DECC website. That advice is a far cry from the panic-driving 'top up your tanks' last week. Now it says there's no urgency to top up your tank and to stick to the speed limit to save fuel.

No 10 is making clear DECC is now in the lead on this, so it sounds like Francis Maude after his jerry can blunder won't be giving advice again.

The Government says there is still a strike threat and that the fuel companies are making some progress to restock petrol stations that have run out of fuel.