Report likely to accuse hacking witnesses of misleading parliament

Lucy Manning

Former UK Editor

James Murdoch Credit: REUTERS/David Moir

ITV News understands the Select Committee report into phone hacking is likely to find some witnesses have misled Parliament.

There's little doubt James Murdoch, who resigned as chairman of BSkyB today, was worried about the impact of the Culture, Media and Sport select committee report. The committee has heard over the last few years from the main players in this phone hacking scandal.

Mr Murdoch wrote to them just a few weeks ago to once again set out his side of the story. It was in effect a letter saying "please don't say that I misled Parliament".

But ITV News understands the committee are likely to find that former News of the World Editor Colin Myler and the paper's former legal manager Tom Crone are guilty of misleading their committee and therefore Parliament.

On James Murdoch, my understanding is the committee is split.

There are some who think he also misled Parliament but others who think the evidence is not strong enough.

They haven't yet voted on the conclusions but this is where they are at the moment.

The committee are considering another draft of their report - and will meet again after Easter.

There is a possibility that if the committee can't reach a conclusion they will publish differing views on this, but they're keen to get an agreement.