'Murderball' - the only sport with a courtside welder

Competitors clash wheelchairs in an attempt to gain possession. Credit: ITV News

Tickets to the wheelchair rugby at London's Paralympics sold out within three days - and it's not hard to see why.

Bodily contact is banned, but, to the delight of spectators, competitors can - and do - hit each others' wheelchairs in an attempt to gain possession.

Referred to as 'wheelchair rugby' by the authorities, the sport is probably better known as 'murderball' because of the ferocious nature of the competition.

ITV News reporter Lewis Vaughan Jones explains the rules:

To qualify, competitors must have reduced functionality in at least three of their limbs.

Players aim to carry the ball over the opposition's goal line within a 40-second time period.

If you time out, possession is turned over.

Team GB will hope that home advantage plays its part this summer, but if you ask the form guide, USA is the team to beat at the Paralympics.