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Details of offer at centre of petrol tanker dispute

Fuel tankers Photo: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Talks will begin on Monday and tonight ITV News has obtained the full details of the offer at the centre of the petrol tanker dispute.

We can show how haulage bosses agreed a new deal on pay, pensions and safety. But the documents also reveal why the agreement was rejected.

For the first time we can reveal the offer employers have made to tanker drivers. This is the deal occupying centreground and industry figures say it shows agreement is close.

Bosses agreed "pay benchmarking" to "identify those operators who they perceive do not offer fair rates".

Chris Choi reveals the full details of the offer at the centre of the petrol tanker dispute in his report.

"Pension portability" was agreed in principle. A new forum would "establish an industry standard for health, safety and driver training".

Though bosses say it was a good deal - some industrial relations lawyers I spoke to say it lacks detail which workers may need.

Agreement is needed to bring an end to the strike threat over motorists that last month brought scenes of panic to forecourts.

Tonight Acas announced more talks next week. But so far transport firms have revealed no addition to the offer already on the table.

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