Fuel Union's ballot to strike was flawed

Unite union representatives overwhelmingly turned down proposals Photo: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

We've learned that the original ballot to strike on which all this has been built may have a flaw. It seems that some union members may not have received a ballot form from the union Unite. Now I'm told union officials are serving notice on the tanker firm today to allow a re-ballot. But this new poll will take up to two weeks.

This concerns members at the Hoyer company, where I believe there are 553 tanker drivers in the union - a large slice of the relevant membership.

Unite thought it had a strike mandate for 6 big firms until tomorrow at 5 o'clock. Now it seems mistakes in its original process knock a hole in that and any possible action it may call could not include Hoyer drivers without a risk of injunction from the employer.

So at this vital stage in the process today's developments are an unwelcome complication.

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