Bo Gua Gua, son of Bo Xilai, speaks out

Angus Walker

Former ITV News Correspondent

Bo Gua Gua is the son of Bo Xilai, the disgraced Party chief from Chongqing Credit: Reuters

In case you didn't read it yesterday, I attach the full statement from Bo Gua Gua as published by his US College magazine.

Bo Gua Gua is the son of Bo Xilai, the disgraced Party chief from Chongqing, a city in SW China, the city in which British businessman Neil Heywood was found dead in a hotel room last November. Mr Heywood was a long term friend of the Bo family. Bo Xiali's wife is now accused of his murder. ITV News has been told at least 5 people were involved in the alleged murder plot.

Bo Gua Gua is studying at the elite Harvard Kennedy School of Government in the US. In the statement he denies he's ever driven a red ferrari and "nor have I ever been to the U.S. Ambassador's Residence in China" that's a reference to a rumour that's been often repeated in Beijing which claims he once dated the daughter of the then US Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman. In the statement he defends his academic record as well as rejecting a 'playboy' reputation.

Bo Gua Gua did go to expensive English private schools. In a photo we showed last night as part of my latest News at Ten report into the scandal, Bo Gua Gua is wearing his old Harrovian tie. Neil Heywood, himself an old Harrovian, helped the young man get into the historic public school. I understand the fees were partially paid by a billionaire close to the young man's father.

Stories of the son of a Communist Party boss, whose official salary should be just about enough to afford a small family saloon, cruising about in a Italian supercar, has really added to the image of what you could call the 'Cristal Communists'.

The sons and daughters of Party officials often make it into the social media blogs in China, spotted in luxury cars, dressed in designer clothes and using Daddy's job as a 'get out of jail' free card.

Note that the leadership, through the State media, has been keen to stress that senior party officials are not above the law. Given the accusations of 'indiscipline' or massive corruption that Bo Xilai is accused of it's no surprise that his son wants to play down the rich kid reputation.