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The ceasefire in Syria is collapsing

Bill Neely said he saw no heavy weapons or tanks but enough small arms for a long war Photo:

ITV News has seen the most convincing evidence yet that the ceasefire in Syria is collapsing.

As UN monitors assess the supposed truce, our International Editor Bill Neely has travelled to Khaldiya in the city of Homs, which was once held by the rebels but after a brutal crackdown has fallen back into control of the Assad regime.

They heard from both sides of the conflict and seen people who have been wounded since the start of the supposed ceasefire last month.

Bill, who reported from Homs yesterday, said: "This is the dead centre of a war - every building, every street in Homs bears its scars. Main streets are empty of people, filled with menace."

Bill Neely spoke to both sides of the conflict when he visited Khaldiya Credit: ITV News

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