1. ITV Report

British Council unveils historic film archive

Over 120 films providing snapshots of the UK's cultural, sporting, industrial and political heritage have been launched online to the public today after funding from Google and the British Council.

The films are from the British Councils own film archive which dates back to late 1939 - capturing how British culture has changed.

The films were largely shown at embassies, consulates and to students and schoolchildren around the world.

One is an in-depth look at Fleet Street, as the film answers the question, "how is the news collected for all these newspaper readers?"

For several decades, the Council commissioned and distributed documentaries, designed to showcase Britain.

Another film looks at the difficulties of transporting the 10 million inhabitants of London.

A look around Hampton Court Palace, "a playground for children, a refuge for the old a place where all can find a brief moment of repose and beauty."

There is also look at the very English game of cricket, the self proclaimed purpose of the film is:

not to teach cricket to the unbeliever - but merely to give pleasure to the converted. But, if there be an unbeliever, then his discerning eye perhaps may see something of those virtues that explain the enthusiasm of so many.