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Paralysed woman walks the London Marathon

Claire Lomas is the first to walk the London marathon course in a bionic suit. She will not receive a medal when she finishes. Photo: ITV News

Claire Lomas says the first few steps are the always thehardest.

Tired, sore and adjusting again to her ‘Bionic Suit’. Paralysed fromthe chest down, for the last 12 days Claire has been walking the LondonMarathon.

She manages less than two miles a day. It’s slow going but she isstill going; Passed the 18 mile mark and today into Canary Wharf.

The machine works by sensing her small hip movements. Whenshe tilts forward the computer picks it up and the legs take a step. It is aremarkable sight. She’s only had the suit for a few months.

New Virgin London Marathon rules mean if you don’t finish the 26 miles in under 24 hours, you don’t get a medal.

Claire told me to day she was “disappointed” but has had lots of offers from runners who are prepared to donate theirs.

The wind and rain over the last week have been the biggest obstacles but despite that, she hopes to finally cross the line on Tuesday.

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