Streets of Prague filled with zombies

'Zombies' on their annual walk through Prague Credit: APTN

Prague's historic city centre was taken over by hundreds of the walking dead in the annual festival the Zombie Walk on Saturday.

It's the fifth year for the event with participants making their way to the historical city's centre.

People from all over the country dressed up as the scary creatures, sporting red paint to mimic blood, false teeth and eyes, with one participant seen with a needle through her tongue.

The zombies walked through the city to the Charles Bridge with residents and tourists following close behind.

This is the fifth Zombie Walk here, we started in 2008. This is the oldest walk in the country even we have another walks in other towns like Pilsen and so on. This is the oldest one. Last year we had one thousand of participants and will see if we succeed to break this number today.

The rainy weather was blamed for smaller crowd of 762 compared to last year's record-breaking more than one thousand.

The walk finished at the Rudolfinum Music Hall with many zombies partying the night away into the early hours.