Coulson's evidence offers no fireworks but plenty of detail

Andy Coulson at the Leveson Inquiry. Photo: Leveson Inquiry

Today’s evidence from Andy Coulson has been far less eventful than had been predicted. (Isn’t that often the case?)

But so far many people will be left fairly bemused at the way he was hired as David Cameron’s media advisor – a very senior role.

The then leader of the opposition phoned Andy Coulson on holiday, according to Mr Coulson, but Mr Cameron did not ask Mr Coulson about phone hacking or about whether he would still have financial connections to News Corporation.

This matters because, of course, in the end, the phone hacking scandal led to Andy Coulson’s resignation from Downing Street.

Plus we learnt today that he had £80,000 pounds worth of shares in News Corporation whilst working for Number 10.

In addition Mr Coulson says he does believe that he was given access to top secret documents despite not having a high level of security clearance (Mr Coulson says he thinks his clearance was adequate for the documents he saw).

So, no fireworks so far today but plenty for those interested in the detail of all this to get their teeth into.