Prince Charles' guest appearance as weatherman

Prince Charles presents a special weather forecast during a visit to BBC Scotland Credit: BBC

Prince Charles had a go at reading the weather during a tour of BBC Scotland's Pacific Quay headquarters.

The Prince and Duchess of Cornwall, were visiting the broadcaster as a part of their annual Holyrood Week.

The prince delivered a specially written script which included references to royal residences in Scotland.

For example:

At one point he joked: "Who the hell wrote this script?!"

ITV News' Royal Correspondent Tim Ewart reports.

Prince Charles ended his forecast by saying:

The Royal weather forecast featured on the BBC One O'Clock News, and shortly after Prince Charles was trending on Twitter.

Here are some of the tweets:

Prince Charles is not the first Royal to get a lesson in weather forecast presentation.

In 2010, the Queen was given a demonstration by UTV's Frank Mitchell, who explained how green screen technology works.