Rebekah Brooks will be told face to face whether she will be one of the first to be charged in relation to the phone hacking scandal.

She will travel to a police station to answer bail and meet with detectives who will reveal the news to her. Around half an hour later the announcement will be made by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Her husband Charlie Brooks, the former racehorse trainer who went to school with David Cameron, will learn his fate too. But he will probably go to a different police station at a different time.

If they are charged with perverting the course of justice it will be an incredible fall from grace for a power couple who once courted Prime Ministers.

Rebekah Brooks gave evidence to the Leveson inquiry last week and was asked about her closeness to the political establishment, both Labour and Conservative.

That said this allegation is not central to the phone hacking inquiry. It is not about hacking or payments to police; rather it relates to possible attempts to cover-up.

And it is perfectly possible that the announcement will be ‘no charges’.