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Damian Green blames the wind for queues at Heathrow border

Immigration Minister Damian Green has told a committee of MPs today that the wind can have an affect on queues to get in to Britain at airports. Mr Green was questioned by members of the Home Affairs Select Committee over fears that the Border agencies will not be able to cope during the Olympics.

British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and airports operator BAA told MPs they backed risk-based checks, but insisted security was paramount.

We have a view that risk-based security can work. We think it's a direction that the UK Border Force can move in.

– Corneel Koster, director of operations, safety and security at Virgin Atlantic

Damian Green said bringing in risk-based security checks would not be a panacea to reducing queues.

Mr Green went on to say that passengers travelling to London's Heathrow Airport from New York may well have longer waits to clear security if their flight arrives 10 minutes after one from Lagos, Nigeria, than if it arrives 10 minutes earlier and that which lands first could be decided by the wind.

That will depend on the wind, over which, with the best will in the world, airlines and the Border Force don't have the control

– Damian Green, Immigration Minister

Meanwhile celebrity Joan Collins added fuel to the fire when she landed at Heathrow and called on the Home Secretary Theresa May to sort out the problems at the border.