Cameron's 'constructive' talks with euro leaders on the economic crisis

Cameron called for help from other European leaders

Downing Street says the Prime Minister's conference call with other European leaders was "constructive."

The 45 minute call between David Cameron, Germany's Angela Merkel, the new French President Francois Hollande, the Italian premier Mario Monti as well as the two Presidents of the European Council and Commission took place ahead of the G8 summit this weekend.

Mr Cameron repeated what he had said in his speech today - which was a strongly worded message to the German Chancellor in particular to sort out the Euro crisis and prevent contagion - no matter how unpopular those decisions might be with her own electorate.

This was directed at a proposed government bond which would involve German tax payers taking on the risk of lending to the weaker Euro countries.

Despite repeating his call for the 17 countries in the eurozone to take "the necessary action to tackle unsustainable deficits," Downing Street sources denied the video conference was tense even though David Cameron leads a country outside the Eurozone.

Francois Hollande was elected by French voters who supported his anti-austerity approach.