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London's Olympic history from 1908 to 2012 and how the Paralympics began

Great Britain's Henry Taylor is carried shoulder-high around the White City stadium after winning gold in the 1908 Olympics Credit: PA

1908 London first hosts the Olympic Games

Only the third Games to be held outside of Athens the 1908 Games had been scheduled to be held in Rome but the eruption of Mount Vesuvius two years before led to a lack of funding.

The events took place between 27th April and 31st October 1908, with 22 nations participating in 110 events.

The British team topped the unofficial medal count with three times more medals than second place USA.

The Gold medal issued to winning competitors during the 1908 Olympic Games in London Credit: Handout Photo/IOC/PA Wire

1944 London cancels the Olympics

The Olympics Games had been due to be held in London in 1944 but were cancelled after the outbreak of war. A small celebration was held in Lausanne at IOC headquarters.

The Olympic flame is passed between runners in the village of Molash, for the next stage of its journey to Wembley Credit: PA

1948 The Olympics return to London

The first Games to be held since the end of WWII saw 59 nations compete in 136 events. Germany and Japan were not invited to the events. The British team finished 12th in the unofficial medal count with just 23 medals.

Petty Officer (Barney) Barnes, bearing the Olympic along Dover Front on the first stage of its journey to Wembley Credit: PA

1948 London begins the Paralympic Games

In 1948 Sir Ludwig Guttman, a neurologist working with World War II veterans with spinal injuries began using sport as part of the rehabilitation of his patients, and set up a competition with other hospitals to coincide with the London Olympics.

In 1960, Guttmann brought 400 wheelchair athletes to the Olympic Rome to compete and the modern Parallel Olympics (or "Paralympics") were born.

1948 Olympic Torch Credit: PA

2012 London celebrates the Olympics

After a successful bid in 2005 the Olympics returned to London. Taking part between 27th July - 12th August with 204 countries competing in 302 events.

2012 Olympic Torch Bearers Credit: Reuters

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