'Can't fight mother nature' admit scuppered UK rowers

The couple admit "You can't fight mother nature" Credit: OAR Project North Atlantic Row/PA Wire

Two British rowers have been forced to postpone a world record attempt to cross the North Atlantic because of concerns about the number of icebergs.

  • 44-year-old Roz Savage and 48-year-old Andrew Morris from Nottinghamshire were hoping to become the first mixed-sex team to make the 2,000 mile voyage

  • It would take them from Newfoundland, in Canada to the Bristol Channel

  • It would then go on to the River Thames to row into London ahead of the start of the 2012 Olympics

They have now been warned against going ahead with the challenge.

A collision with one of the bergs could prove catastrophic, risking capsizing the vessel in the icy waters or fracturing its hull.

You can't fight Mother Nature, especially on the ocean. This year the odds were stacked against us, and I suspect I know who would have won. Local ice experts advising us say a large chunk of ice from Greenland broke away two years ago, and that tide of ice is now reaching the waters off Newfoundland. One expert reckoned that we have just about a 100 per cent chance of hitting a chunk of ice. If we end up in the 2-degree water we would have virtually no chance of survival. In these circumstances it would seem foolish to proceed.

It's hugely disappointing but we were here to do something inspiring, not something stupid. We also feel a sense of responsibility as role models towards the younger generation. But Bojangles will be no match for sharp, compacted, several-thousand-year-old ice.

The team plans to monitor the ice conditions this winter and may reschedule the expedition in 2013.