Stuntman skydives from 2,400ft without a parachute

Gary Connery prepares for a a practice jump earlier in the day

A stuntman has become the first person to jump out of a helicopter wearing a wingsuit and land without deploying a parachute.

Henley-based Gary Connery dived from 2,400ft into a landing strip made up of 18,000 cardboard boxes.

The whole flight lasted around 35 seconds and after Mr Connery laned the medical team rushed into the boxes to find him.

He finally emerged to huge applause.

After the dive Mr Connery said:

The professional stuntman's biography includes falling from a car as it goes over a waterfall in the film Indianna Jones, where he was a double for John Hurt.

Here's a brief look at his background:

  • Gary joined the army, 3 para, at 23, where he started military parachuting, skydiving and BASE jumping. Since then he has done over 880 skydives and 450 BASE jumps.

  • He did his first wingsuit jump more than eight years ago and has focused mainly on this since.

  • The professional stuntman has appeared in a host of films including The Beach, Dead Fish, Indiana Jones, Johnny English Reborn and the Bond film Die Another Day.

  • His BASE jumps include The Eiffel Tower, Nelsons Column, The London Eye and inside the Millennium Dome.