Skip lorries protest in front of Parliament over 'recycling tax'

Lorries pile up in front of Parliament Square Credit: ITV News

If your skip has gone unemptied this morning- they are all here. Skip lorries are blocking Parliament Square in protest over "recycling tax". Traffic is at standstill - and it's noisy - every one is beeping its horn.

On Friday , HRMC announced two changes to its landfill tax rules. Firstly, it said that fines from trommels and screens which have in the past been charged the lower landfill tax rate of £2.50 for inert material will now be charged the full rate of £64 a tonne for active material.

Secondly, waste or material used to cover waste in landfill cells before they are capped will also be taxed at the full rate.

Traffic is at a standstill at recycling tax protest Credit: ITV News