'Swindon Town are hiring a man that tore my family apart'

Luke McCormick will join Swindon Town when he is released

The mother of two boys killed in a car crash caused by footballer Luke McCormick said learning about his move to League One's Swindon Town is "like being hit in the stomach".

McCormick was jailed for seven years and four months in 2008 for killing Arron Peak, 10, and brother Ben, eight, in a M6 car crash. He was twice over the drink-drive limit and speeding.

The former Plymouth goalkeeper is to be released from prison next month and is set to join Paolo Di Canio's newly-promoted side.

Amanda Peak, 34, whose husband Phil suffered a broken neck and back in the crash, told The Sun, "Swindon might be a family club, but now they're hiring a man who has torn my family apart".

She added:

It never seems to stop. The minute we think we are getting back on track, we are told something like this. It’s like being hit in the stomach. One of McCormick’s main points in his plea was that he will never play football again - that was obviously completely wrong. My sons loved playing football and played every day. My husband can’t even kick a ball now either, he struggles to walk. And McCormick’s been playing since January. He was meant to be on day-release doing things to put good back into the community to repay for what he has taken from us. But he is off playing football. It is nice to know that his life can continue where it left off and ours is stuck in a time warp.

McCormick, who played for Plymouth 157 times, had his contract terminated by the club after the crash happened in June 2008. The goalkeeper hit the Peak family's people carrier with his Range Rover as he travelled back from a wedding.

Mrs Peak said McCormick should "never be allowed to play football again".

I honestly don’t ever think that he thinks about us. And I don’t think this will ever stop now. Every time I see or hear about him doing something it just brings it all back. All I can think about is everything he can do - and then all that he has taken from us. He doesn’t seem to have any consideration for us. Why can he not just keep his head down? I have no faith in the justice system. I lost any I had when he got the sentence he did and now it is just a joke. I think Swindon should really look at the person behind the football. It doesn’t matter if he’s a good player or not. He should never be allowed to play football again

Swindon Town's interim chairman Jeremy Wray confirmed to the club's website that McCormick had been training with them on day-release since January and said the move was a chance for the goalkeeper to "give something back".

Our view is that it is very easy to say that it's too difficult a subject to bother with. We debated it and came up with our view. We thought long and hard about it, and it has to be made clear that everybody's thoughts can only go to the family of those two young boys and their father who was badly injured. Tragedy is a word used too often, but this was a tragedy and it can never be changed. He will live with what has happened every day of his life but he has the chance to give something back, to show the tragedies of drink-driving.