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Who will Humperdinck have to beat?

Winning contestants celebrate on stage after the first semi-final of the Eurovision song contest in Baku Photo: David Mdzinarishvili / Reuters

The Eurovision Song Contest final takes place tomorrow in Baku, Azerbaijan. Engelbert Humperdinck will represent the UK, singing a power-ballad called 'Love Will Set You Free'.

He will be the first of 26 competitors to perform to an estimated audience of 25 million. Nina Nannar reports.

In an effort to curb the effects of neighbourly voting, Eurovision scoring has been split 50/50 between public televotes and national juries since 2008.

This means he has to impress both the public, and the judges, who tend to go for very different things. The public like the big performances, whilst the judges prefer vocal ability and a song that reflects the culture of the country.

Humperdinck told ITV Meridian he reckons he has a "good" prospect of winning, but he has some stiff competition. Labrooks have Sweden as the favourites to win, with their song Euphoria.

They are followed closely by Russia, whose entry is a folk group called Buranovskiye Babushki, which translates 'Buranovo Grannies'.

The 'Russian Grannies', as they have become known, say they will use any cash raised by winning on building a church in their local town.

The Azerbaijan audience loved them when they performed at the semi-final on Tuesday. Here is why:

There has been some controversy after it was reported that Spain's entry Pastora Soler was asked not to win by her country's public television channel.

She had been quoted as saying:

If we were to win, it will be impossible because of the costs

She has since denied making the comments, and says she was misquoted.

Jedward are ones many are saying will take home the crown. They came eighth last year, and have spent a lot of the past year touring eastern European countries.

Their entry is called Waterline:

Under Eurovision Song Contest rules, they will have to sing live, so this may harm their chances on the night.

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